TRAVEL · 09. décembre 2019
hello guys if you like big space , sightseeing , beautiful beaches, animals , parks , warm weather the whole year, you will love Australia there is a lot of things to do and to see, in my opinion you should come here at least once in your life . I had very good experiences and good memories as well as very bad one. Today if I have to recommend Australia, I wouldn't say is the dream or the perfect country because is not , but for me it always has been my heart country
TRAVEL · 23. novembre 2019
if you are looking for a Spanish - Australian cuisine , Rico is the best place for you to experience , as I already mentioned the food will make you travel , the staff will make you feel at home and part of Rico's big family , the price will be the same as you will cook your own meal at home, as Rico's value say "mi casa es tu casa" , this is my own experience , what is yours? let's make together small businesses in Australia grow by giving them a motivation and encouragement.
TRAVEL · 26. mars 2019
HELLO GUYS What is a backpackers ? coming from Europe we don t have that, but some other countries near us have already get to the concept. Some people might know it as hostel, motel or auberge de jeunesse, you have different names and différent kind as well .so i will talk about two of those in Nelson, that i will recommend so far,because most of the other one in town was too expensive so i don t know about them, just the price of the room was already a stop for me . anyway let's start .
TRAVEL · 09. décembre 2018
PRÉPARER SON VOYAGE A L ETRANGER. Pour ma part je vais discuter particulièrement du Cameroun . mais les quelques conseils donnés peuvent très bien vous servir pour d autres pays ,car finalement un pays qui n est pas le notre aura toujours un système de fonctionnement qui nous est étranger.