TRAVEL · 09. décembre 2019
hello guys if you like big space , sightseeing , beautiful beaches, animals , parks , warm weather the whole year, you will love Australia there is a lot of things to do and to see, in my opinion you should come here at least once in your life . I had very good experiences and good memories as well as very bad one. Today if I have to recommend Australia, I wouldn't say is the dream or the perfect country because is not , but for me it always has been my heart country
TRAVEL · 23. novembre 2019
if you are looking for a Spanish - Australian cuisine , Rico is the best place for you to experience , as I already mentioned the food will make you travel , the staff will make you feel at home and part of Rico's big family , the price will be the same as you will cook your own meal at home, as Rico's value say "mi casa es tu casa" , this is my own experience , what is yours? let's make together small businesses in Australia grow by giving them a motivation and encouragement.
SPORT · 30. octobre 2019
hello guys this article is about my experience as a bikini fitness in New Zealand . how I felt and how the organization was. If you ever wonder to go through a competition and you don't know much , this article might help you. you have a video link to see how was my T-Walk on the stage .
BEAUTY · 07. septembre 2019
HELLO GUYS Today I will love to talk about eyelashes, we all know how eyelashes can just put that final glow to your make up, so I thought we could do together and overview of what is in the market at the moment, and what are common trend. I will be talking about the two main methods that I have tried , and the one that I am still using today. As you have already guessed, the comparison will be between extension lashes vs magnetic lashes .
TALK TIME · 16. juin 2019
AliExpress vous avez sans doute déjà en entendu parlé, principalement des polémiques qu'il y a avec nos influenceurs ces temps ci, et si par hasard vous ne connaissez pas ou n’avez jamais entendu parler d’eux , je sais pas dans quel monde vous vivez mais je veux vous y retrouver la bas, car votre univers doit forcément être meilleur. AliExpress est une plateforme online chinoise, qui vous permet d'acheter presque tout. Je pense qu’a ce jour ils ne font pas encore dans l’alimentaire.
BEAUTY · 18. mai 2019
My Kate von D makeups' routine. So as I recently mentioned in one of my article ,I use mainly Kate Von d product . Why ? Because so far it is the only range of product which suit to my skin . I don't have any pimples coming out after wearing make up, and on top of that due to my oil skin wearing makeup most of the time make me look like deep fryer . With Kate Von d products, The lasting stay fresh longer and my skin stay matify. At the end of the day my make up still look good.
BEAUTY · 25. avril 2019
j'utilise des produits d'aloe Vera en ce moment . Ayant une peau assez fragile comme vous le savez déjà, je fais donc toujours très attention à ce que je dois mettre sur mon visage . En général, je privilégie des produits naturelles, comme des produits faits principalement à base de plantes naturelles . j'ai récemment découvert ici à Nelson Nouvelle Zélande, cette gamme de produit d'Aloe Vera que j'adore. La gamme que j'utilise est assez large et variée.
TALK TIME · 14. avril 2019
BOLGA BASKET start in 2005 their mission is" to provide the highest quality African made baskets at a reasonable price through mutually beneficial business relationships with African weavers, a large part of which involves assisting them in growing their income and utilize profits to fund medical, educational opportunities and enhance their living conditions. they maintain a close relationship with the weaving groups to better know their needs, ensure fair pay, provide feedback for quality .
NUTRITION · 26. mars 2019
I went to the suter cafe today for a snack after a photo shoot at the queens garden. Anyway, let’s talk about this little spot : the suter cafe. we pass through in the beginning of the day we saw the place was crowded, by curiousity we decided to come back and see a bit more about what was happening there . The Suter Café is open daily from 8.00am until 4:30pm, serving delicious Havana Coffee and gourmet food that will satisfy anyone, from gluten or dairy free, vegan or vegetarian.
TRAVEL · 26. mars 2019
HELLO GUYS What is a backpackers ? coming from Europe we don t have that, but some other countries near us have already get to the concept. Some people might know it as hostel, motel or auberge de jeunesse, you have different names and différent kind as well .so i will talk about two of those in Nelson, that i will recommend so far,because most of the other one in town was too expensive so i don t know about them, just the price of the room was already a stop for me . anyway let's start .

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