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Today I want to reveal some information about life in Australia, for someone of you who has been followed me since the beginning you know that Australia is my heart country . I love people, the weather, the simplicity.

I felt in love about Australia ten years ago and when I left  I never stop thinking about the day I will be back , so here I am. Things have changed a lot not only in the positive ways unfortunately the beautiful, safe, happy, generous, and welcome country that I had in memory just become like any other country. Eventhough Australia is still a nice place to be , my disenchantment  of seeing that people have changed so drastically left me without words. The friendly people that I used to love become fearful about foreigner and culture differentiation. The safety which use to be a MOST for me has a lo of  breakdowns now. I remember how easy I used to go and talk with police officer on the street about anything just to pass the time , it is almost impossible now, the same way most of us are scared of police in our own country because of their way of using their power on people, besides that the police lack of empathy to the other human being  has become part of Australia life as well. 



Recently I had an issue , my wallet was stolen at my work place  which is crazy. I rebembered how in the past people used to give  back their findings , now stealing it is more the common  trend. So I went to the police station to report it , the police officer that I met was great he listened and took notes , unfortunately didn't t send the final report  to me as he mentioned. I don t know how it works in your own country but in France , if you want to redo your paperwork fast  you will need the police report ( bank, insurance, government offices etc). Usually when you  go to complain they will give a report copy to you and keep one in their records. I learnt the hard way that in Australia they don t give it to you , you have to apply  to get your own report to another institution,  and that is where your journey start . The second time I went to the police station to ask them about the report , the officer  I met was definitely not happy to work , or not happy to see me either way , what a disappointment when you reach for  help from the hight institution and don't get  any. People's empathy has dropped consequently,  between the poverty , the homeless on the street, the violence, crime , the police inefficiency and very busy, the individuality of people , lack of jobs in some areas, low salary ,it is almost like being in Europe now but with a good weather and beautiful sightseeing.  

I want to share five facts about what really happen in Australia  nowadays  in my point of view.

1/ Visas: You can get a visa pretty easily  for a short period of time , mostly for people coming from developed countries. To immigrate is another story, I guess is the same everywhere nowadays.

2/ Safety: You are by yourself don t expect any help from institutions or people, the country want to keep the bad experiences underneath so people can see Australia  around the world with positive eyes. Although is one of the safest country  in the world don't  play the devil, your story might not be told if something happen to you.

3/ Insurance: Make sure you get insurance from your own country preferably if you can , but as well as in Australia , surprises are always in a corner.

4/ Money: Come with a bit of savings because job can be a challenge , but as I like to think, we all have our own path so don t listen to people try your best  and never give up .

5/ Racism , inequity, discrimination are Everywhere even in Australia, just deal with it in a mature way .

In conclusion guys if you like  big space , sightseeing , beautiful beaches, animals , parks , warm weather the whole year, you will love Australia there is a lot of things to do and to see, in my opinion you should come here at least once in your life . I had very good experiences and good memories  as well as very bad one. Today if I have  to recommend Australia, I wouldn't say is the dream or the perfect country,  because is not, but for me it always has been my heart country and as I aged I learned that there is not perfect place to be because as human we are not perfect .


PS: To get your police's report that will cost you the beautiful amount of 94 Australian dollars


                                                       By Fabiola MANDA

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    Manuela clierxter (dimanche, 05 janvier 2020 15:19)

    Thank you for this article and thanks for sharing all of the information
    It’s really good
    Bisou bisou �

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    Sam (lundi, 06 janvier 2020)

    Love it

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    Tom (vendredi, 10 janvier 2020 08:57)

    I have to agreed with some of the stuff you mentioned unfortunately

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    Dorothée (samedi, 11 janvier 2020 08:40)

    Great article thank you for the tips

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    Bruce (samedi, 18 janvier 2020 14:59)

    Have you seen what is happening in Australia ? Do you have more work information ?