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As most of you know already , I am now in Australia . This country is my heart country, but let' s get to the point of this article because I am sure my feeling about Australia doesn't interest you that much. I am writing this article to introduce you a new diamond in Brisbane city.  It is a beautiful place call the "Rico Bar and Dining  restaurant". we all know how having good tips are important nowadays. I like to share my experiences with you whatever the restaurant is recommendable or unsavoury, but before I start detailing all what Rico can offer, let's do a quit  introduction of what country you will be traveling with Rico. It is a compound of two main culture the Australian for the freshness of the ingredient and the spice from Spanish cuisine. This combination will create a unique and tasteful dishes.

located at  45 eagle street pier  Brisbane 4000  you will enjoy everyday from 11am- Late  the  flabbergasted view of Brisbane River and Story bridge when traveling gustatorily or just by enjoying a drink.


The design of  Rico restaurant allow you to book for a romantic dinner, family events , formal affair or just a corporate, friend function, there is no limit on the room setting  to give you a memorable experience.

The food's menus can be very challenging due to the variety of choices that you get ,going to a simple snack when you are not hungry to a main meal most of them gluten and dairy free, and I have not even mentioned the desert  yet. let' s go around with some dishes .

Nibbles and entrees:  You have a full range of tapas , salads and sides.

Mains meals : Travel from a beautiful paellas, to diiferent meat, and fish.

Banquetes : Are for people who wants a set entree , food and desert for an affordable prices.

Dessert: goes from a trip to Spain to Australia  with a extra chef's special of the day 




The most important part according to me about the food is the possibility to share all the meal by obviously paying the price of one. as unbelievable as this seems the highest price on the menu will be 60 dollars for a lamb shoulder and trust me that is easily sharable by three to four people , and behind comes the paella which is 55 dollars for the seafood sharing by two to three people ( see pictures below).



Rico's Bar like most of the pub  you will have cocktails , sparkling, wines , liquor , ciders , soft drink and hot drinks etc , but my point by saying" pub " it is that, Rico is a restaurant which offer you a bar experience as much as a food experience in the same place .






if you are looking for a Spanish - Australian cuisine , Rico is the best place for you to experience , as I already mentioned the food will make you travel , the staff will make you feel at home  and part of Rico's big family ,  the price will be the same as you will cook your own meal at home, as Rico's value say "mi casa es tu casa" , this is my own experience , what is yours tell me that in the comment area below . so we can make together small businesses in Australia grow by giving them a little bit of motivation and encouragement.


PS:  you can do Rico' gift voucher for your people,  just a nice information for a beautiful present.



                                                                                                                                               Fabiola MANDA


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    kate (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 12:46)

    nice article I recently had food there coming from Spain , I have to say the flavors were amazing

  • #2

    dan (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 12:47)

    I think this restaurant used to be aria , I prefer rico food is affordable and the staff are great

  • #3

    jenny (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 12:49)

    I heard about this restaurant and comments on internet is it the new restaurant on eagle street pier?

  • #4

    johanes (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 12:51)

    my wife and I from Germany we were looking for a nice spot to have our last diner night and we find rico I had the snapper tail and my wife the steak and the food were amazing definetly come back and recommend

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    Jane (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:01)

    Did they paid you to write this article for them

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    Rebecca (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:17)

    Hello nice article, but I eat there few day ago at lunch time with few colleagues the food was good , but the waiting time was very long we order lamb shoulder to share and some sides , It took so long that we have to eat very fast to go to work . Overall good service

  • #7

    Julien (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:18)

    Fabiola ton article m a donné envie de venir en Australie juste pour aller manger dans ce restaurant ���

  • #8

    Livy (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 16:36)

    Oww I know that restaurant! I lready ate there and It was fab! Thanks for sharing your experience. Couldn’t have say better

  • #9

    Mike Hock (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 23:11)

    Your blog is really bad, please stop you’re just crowding up my Snapchat. Please, i am developing depression now according to my doctor because of this and the monster under my bed isn’t happy either so stop.

  • #10

    Fabiola MANDA (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 01:33)

    Hello guys thank you for sharing your experience with all of us . Sorry @Rebecca that your experience wasn’t fully positive what about you give a second try and tell us how things work the next time

  • #11

    Daniel (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 01:54)

    Love this place ❤️❤️❤️

  • #12

    Katie (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 01:57)

    Is it me or people are getting crazy in this world? Your article and your blog are beautiful darling keep up the great work

  • #13

    Joe mama (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 03:20)

    Vouz Le vouz coucher avec moi?

  • #14

    simon (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 06:57)

    great place I have a beautiful snapper tail with green bean beautiful

  • #15

    faith (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 07:24)

    it is definitely one of the most beautiful spot in Brisbane the view is fabulous , great staff and food

  • #16

    Andrew (dimanche, 24 novembre 2019 11:39)

    a mate brought me there , coming from Sydney we spent a dude night having some beers at first and end up having some food

  • #17

    Delphine (lundi, 25 novembre 2019 03:37)

    It is always a pleasure to read your articles. They are giving me peaceful, health and hopefulness. I am sure when I will be in Brisbane I would try to find this amazing restaurant.
    Don’t listen to that one who are deeply depressed.

  • #18

    Paolo (mardi, 26 novembre 2019 10:58)

    Rico es un restaurante maravilloso que fui con mi familia. La vida era hermosa. Tenía un camarero muy profesional que podía explicarle en español a mi madre el menú. gastamos alrededor de $ 150 dos paellas y algunas bebidas

  • #19

    Young (mardi, 03 décembre 2019 07:08)

    The food was Very slow to come

  • #20

    Madame Brunie (mardi, 03 décembre 2019 07:25)

    ich liebe dein Artikel, der mir die Möglichkeit gibt, dir eine Kommentar zu hinterlassen.
    Sehr guter service, das essen ist einwandfrei. Young ich bin der gleichen Meinung
    Nur dir Wartezeit ist zu lang. und es wird am ende unangenehm

  • #21

    Brenda (jeudi, 05 décembre 2019 00:50)

    Thank you Rico I was there on Wednesday for a function great time , we have a beautiful set menu , great food , great service

  • #22

    Theresa (samedi, 18 janvier 2020 14:57)

    Nice place and prices are affordable