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Let’s start from the beginning, my training and my diet work well and I was pretty happy with my body’s result and confident too. So my mother and I went to Auckland coming from Nelson one day before the competition to avoid the stress of running late, and we did right. The competition took place outside town, which took us about two and half hours to get there, from Auckland’s airport to Ellerslie’s auditorium. We managed to find an AIRBNB very close to the competition place, Trust me you don’t want to add an extra stress on you before the competition. Our AIRBNB place was hold by an Amazing man very kind and helpful, the room was just perfect for the two of us and the most important it was far away the most affordable, I know that sound unreal. Anyway back to the competition’s organisation, the registration for the competition started at around half past four. We got there quite early, took my membership card, made my registration on the category I want to compet, in my case it was bikini fitness, gave my  music for my  solo routine, took my  T-shirt gift, checked the stage and the changes rooms and had a talk with the photographer. By the way to  see the video made by the photographer of the event about me, during the competition click on the video below.
After all of that we went for a light meal  never mess up with your diet especially one day before the competition. That was pretty it for our first day, busy but exciting in the same time, with all the dreams in head I slept well.
The event’s day, early wake up we started making up at the hotel just the base to finalise everything when the event will be close to start . So my beautiful mother is the one who made my makeup, and I love this yellow green color which kind of match with my outfit so beautifully. We arrived around nine at the event which was starting at noon , so we had plenty of time to get ready and maybe to see the other competitors. It was not my first competition so I was kind of excited to discuss with the others, but unfortunately people seemed to be very focus or nervous, so the atmosphere wasn’t really very enjoyable, and the time seemed not to fly neither. Finally we got called for the briefing and to get our passage number. I was the number twenty five in all categories mixed,  but number two on bikini category. In total there were about 60 competitors.

The show started around twelve, I had about four categories ahead of me. Finally my turn came, we were about 10 women split again on different bikini’s categories such as bikini tall, bikini novice, bikini over 30. We all got on stage for the first passage,  guided by the event’s speaker who asked us to do the regular posing  which is usually : face, right , back , left . Then we had our solo routine, which basically you can do what ever you want and most of all what sell you the most. I did my routine pretty confident, later after my routine, my mother  mentioned that, in her opinion my back posing wasn’t good enough compared to what I have been doing in repetition with her. Besides that she found my presentation excellent in overall. The judges made their decision and I came second which I found iniquitous, because my body shape, my posing and my routine was  very good compared to the winner,  so I wonder how? And on what criteria their decision was based? Don’t give me wrong the winner was good too, we are all athletes and we have been working hard to shape our body, I am just giving my opinion and my overview. The result left me be a bitter feeling, because I think the favourite was known even before we stepped on the stage, in my opinion again. I am quite sure That i didn’t have any chance to come first what ever I would have done.  That is the kind of things  which drive me crazy . 

Anyway I have  this trophy « second place « which keep reminding me New Zealand’s competition and I don’t know what or how to feel, especially that I know now that the reason that I lost it is because the judges find me to build according to one of them. I can see you coming already with your quote « the importance is to participate » or « you were second it is already very good ». I don’t take it SORRY, when you know that the results are not right, and you have all those people coming to you and telling you that they didn’t expect that end too, and they also find the results unfair, Trust me you can not be happy. For any reason they pick on on me, I just want to say « people get over your little person with corruption, racism, inequity etc , the world is moving there is not anymore place for that bullshit ».

In overall, I always wanted to do something like that in New Zealand so it is done . compare to France the event was far small, but there were amazing body shape and that always blow me out  what people can achieve. I don’t think I will do it again in New Zealand, because I felt that things weren’t right  this time. So better do the next one were I find people more objective and trustworthy. 
Feel free to drop comments or questions below 
PS : my YouTube channel to check the competition is « Fabiola manda « 

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    Kevin (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:06)

    Love your body very nice

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    Paul (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:07)

    Comment tu as fait pour pouvoir participer à une compétition en nouvelle Zélande

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    Asley (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:07)

    Second place great darling amazing