Today I will love to talk about  eyelashes, we all know how eyelashes can just put that final glow to your make up, so I thought we could do together and overview of what is in the market at the moment, and what are common trend.

I will be talking about the two main methods that I have tried , and the one that I am still using today.  As you have  already guessed, the comparison will be between extension lashes vs magnetic lashes .


Firstly we have the extension lashes, this methods has risen  with all the influencer notoriety. Unlike the other options that we will see below, extension lashes are done in institute or with a third person who knows the right technique to pose them safely. According to me it is almost impossible to do it yourself.

 You have the possibility to choose your length and thickness depending on your will. Then it is time to settle on the berth, the beautician  will put small patches under  the eyes to protect the glue to get into your eyes and your skin. Now you are all set, you are ready to start!!

If you have fragile eyes, don't hesitate to talk it out with the beautician at first, sometime it is just a matter of the quality of the glue and the lashes used. In my experience i never had any problems, my advice will be to choose an Institut where the staff know their job, but as  well as a high material's quality, because trust me that make the difference . The pose usually takes an hour, but again it really depends on the experience of your beautician. I have had poses that have lasted more than two hours that was hell and others that have lasted about 30min that was paradise. 


The advantages are:

-  When it is well done girls you shine

- No need to wear mascara for 2-3 weeks

- No need to remove them every night

- Make up effect as soon as you wake up 

- You can swim and still look on fleek


The disadvantages are:

- Quite expensive 

- Can damage seriously your main eyelashes

- Only last 2-3 weeks

- The pose can be long

- You can be allergic to the product used


The magnetic lashes is the new trend , easy way to increase in a short-term your lashes volume. All you need to do is applying a bit of mascara on your own eyelashes before , and to remove them it is even easier. The pose will take you 2-5minutes depending on the practice you will have , getting the technique  will be necessary .

Tips: When you put the mascara on your lashes wait a few minutes to let it dry before putting your magnetic lashes. It is possible to choose your length , thickness design. There are a wide variety of lashes according to the effect you want. There are pretty easy to find now  in the market ( Sephora, primark). But also on the internet where you can have them cheaper. Of course there is no question to ask they are far away cheaper than extension lashes. on average between 4 to 20 euros


The advantages are:

- The pose is beautiful 

- The pose is very quick when you get the technique

- Do not damage you main eyelashes 

- You can re-use them as long as the magnetic stick is still there 

- You can swim with it


The disadvantages

- When you haven't got the technique that can be challenging 

- You can tear off one or two lashes by removing them (nothing dramatic)

- You must remove it every night

- You need mascara has a first base





Between the lash extension  and the magnetic  lashes, i definitely adopted the magnetic, that I use on a daily base and so far the result are just impressive. Despite the fact that in the beginning I struggled to get the technique. Today I can hardly see myself using something else . Eventhough  I really enjoyed wearing lash extension in the past, the advantages on the magnetics are just significant.


PS: I recently tried the magnetic eyeliner and lashes if you want me to make an article on that new method just drop a comment below. Here is a website  where you can get all the magnetic lashes that I mentioned on this article:   https://skyela.shop/ . You can use this code to get a discount FABI15.



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    Jenny (dimanche, 08 septembre 2019 12:47)

    Thank you so much for this great article. It is sometimes so confusing to know what is what..!
    Thanks a lot and keep up the great job

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    Fabiola (mercredi, 11 septembre 2019 09:14)

    Thank you jenny for your message . I am very happy if I helped you a bit with all the options ������

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    Marie (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:08)

    Lequel tu utilise toi maintenant

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    phoebe (samedi, 23 novembre 2019 13:09)

    Do you have any discount code?