Let's talk about my Kate von D makeups' routine. So as I recently mentioned in one of my article ,I use mainly Kate Von D product. Why ? Because so far it is the only range of product which suit to my skin . I don't have any pimples coming out after wearing make up, and on top of that due to my oil skin, wearing makeup most of the time makeS me look like deep fryer . With Kate Von D product, the lasting stay fresh longer and my skin stay matify. At the end of the day my make up still look good and that is such a change for me. Now let's analyse each product that I use for my routine .

For my shade, I took two  different Colors to have my true shade Colors ( the deep warm 76 and the deep warm 78) and so far I'am crazy satisfied, amazing product very covering , long lasting, and the matify part of the fondation is crazy, you do not have a special smell on it, and the bottle is beautiful. About the capacity, you do have enough product to really enjoy yourself, one last thing keep in mind that Kate Von D fondation are one of the cheapest in market nowadays. But  as you know good can come sometime with bad . Kate Von D fondation can dry very fast, so you might want to apply the product as quickly as you can “no pressure”. The fondation can dry your skin as well, because of the very mattifying side of the product. If you have already a dry skin, you might face this problem. Considering putting a bit oil on your fondation, or as I mentioned in another article you putting aloe verra can dramatically make a difference. That will definitely make your fondation less tick and hydrated.
my shade is (deep warm 33 ) and I'am crazy about this product too, a bit similar to the fondation according to your skin type, you can do some stuff to make this product efficient for you . the quality is very high as well, so I will recommend to really take a bit of the product. First of all because the product doesn't have a big capacity,  but as well because is very covering like the fondation so no need to waste it .
I took two different shades, one with my skin shade and want really dark ( deep200 and the rich deep230 ). Why? Because I have been looking for a contouring powder everywhere and I couldn’t find it, this was my last solution and chance to get something approximately efficient. I am so happy I did it, because the Kate Von D powders are unbelievable. They will keep doing the mattifying job without changing or modifying your makeup. of course you have take the right shade, there is no secret. For my two powders, I use one as a contouring powder and the other one as a regular powder and it is just fabulous no exaggeration.
I recently starting using Kat Von D mascara because of my sister who encourage , no who harassed me to buy it.  she seems very satisfied and happy about that, i finally bought it. I love  the mascara itself, but the brush it is pretty big,  so you can't really get enough product on your eyelashes in the first time . You will definitely have to put it two to three times according to your needs. But when you get there the result is stunning. one of my secret in that kind of situation, it is to use one of the old brush that I like,  trust me that will make things simple and easier.
 Kate Von D product so far in the market are the best for me . As I say before with my oily skin, they are the only product that I can use with confidence, knowing that the make up will last all day long without moving . And for people with dry skin just be aware of the dryness of the product , even though you got some tips further up to make it works for you too . For people with acne, that can be as well a solution for you, due to the high quality of coverage, that can give you a break in tough moments. Most Kate Von D products are really affordable for everyone. One thing I' am quit disappointed so far, it is the matching of the shade online. According to me, none of the shade online really talk the true about the shade in reality. Let me explain "I bought some products for my mother online, but because she haven’t use Kate Von D in the past she didn’t know her shade.  living in a small town in New Zealand didn't help either, we couldn’t go to shop directly. So no choice than buying it online . We guess a bit what her shade could be with the color shows online, but unfortunately none of what we chosed online was her shade. Everything ( fondation, powder , concealer) all of those has just have been such a waste of money.  I wanted to make a surprise for Mother’s Day, but that didn’t work out this time.  I will definitely recommend for Kate Von D product try as possible to physically go to shop, to try and find your right shade over there. Because that can be a bit tricky. If you don't have a choice like me, take always one to two shade below what the picture online shows you. Otherwise your disappointment will high as me .
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    Jenny (samedi, 18 mai 2019 21:50)

    Thank you so much for this detailed article. I like very much Kate v d make up