On saturday morning until 1pm you have a nice market in hardy street . the market is taking place in a  big car park which is full of suppliers. i went there to see if that looks a bit like our market in france , what a big suprise to see a very dynamique market full of varieties : going from foods stand to art stand , just amazing .people were so friendly,smiling, it just feels like you are meeting people from the same village as you. i said village because nelson will be kind of village where i come from.

I chosed one of the small entrepenor  that i met before . let me tell you the storie of this amazing woman , she is full of competences , when i first met her . she was one of the client of one  the gym where i sometime work .

We had nice discussion and we end up taking about the market where she works , as well of plenty others things that she does. she is from ghana , and she been in nelson for 6 years now ; she chosed nelson because she found people are easy going , no judging, and it is simple to make your way out with a bit of motivation and work , exactly what she fabulously did.



Ok i know i have been teasing you too much let get to the point , this woman is name belinda she does handwoven basket ,  the "BOLGA BASKET"  let me tell you a bit about this compagny : they start in 2005  their mission is

" to  provide the highest quality African made baskets at a reasonable price through mutually beneficial business relationships with African weavers, a large part of which involves assisting them in growing their income and utilize profits to fund medical and educational opportunities and enhance their living conditions.  We maintain a close relationship with the weaving groups to better know their needs, ensure fair pay, provide feedback for quality control and to incorporate new designs", Such a beautiful work and example .

Their baskets are from differents size , modele, color,  high everyone can find themself with her, and on top of that she can personalise the basket according to what you want , so think of the amazing presents you can made for your family and friends.




Let me tell you a story : a woman from germany came over she wanted one of the big basket to bring back home but she was worried about the fact that the basket couldn t fit to her suitcase , what a great point, that can maybe help some of you . so belinda explained to her how the basket were made with what material, and then she got  to issue saying that the basket can be weted." yes you got that right", she can put water on it so they become transportable when you travel and then back home, you just have steps to follow to give them back their original shape .

I was speechless,  because on top of being a good saler, she thought as well of all the foreigner travelling to nelson whom will love her baskets that is a true story , not a joke or a feerytale.  In case you worry to never  got a chance to come to new zealand, calm yourself ; they send and sale internationaly your basket can come directly to your home as easy as that .

They have a website :https://mybolgabaskets.com , where you can order what you like and the picture is far away from the reality . trust me when you get your basket you will order another one for sure .



this family ,yes because is a family business show that africa can raise with an europeen and african touch . That is why i like  sharing with different people culture . travelling is just the best way to do it.

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    Jenny (lundi, 15 avril 2019 14:41)

    j'adore en plus ils sont super jolis