I went to the suter cafe today  for a snack after a photo shoot at the queens garden amazing day,very full of opportunities. Anyway, let’s talk about this little spot : the suter cafe. we pass through in the beginning of the day we saw the place was crowded, by curiousity we decided to come back and see a bit more about what was happening there . The Suter Café is open daily from 8.00am until 4:30pm, serving delicious Havana Coffee and gourmet food that will satisfy anyone, from gluten or dairy free, vegetarian or vegan. 

We  felt in love with that little niche, the view god was breath talking,see the picture the picture below . The atmosphere was calm and   Féerique. You can hear the water pour out , the birds sound. Chiling and eating over there was just a priceless moment .. I had a ginger cake with a juice made with orange , passion fruit and  mango.

my sister had like kind of mirtille cake with a ice chocolate . 

Waouh we loved very much that little snack everything was just working together. If you are looking for a cosy place to go with your beloved , your friends or family this spot can be lovely, the right one for you. the terrasse or inside  cafe will fit everyone’s needs. The food and the  cakes will satisfy even the hardest pallet. It seems like most of their products were home made or bio. haven t try everything but you will definitely meet me there again.
the staff were so welcoming , we could see from the front door that they were already started to clean ,but when we get inside they took time for us , with smile and kindness . Thanks guys for that . 
Nelson really has a lot of hiden cafes and restaurants I will be glad to discover and to share all of those with you.
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