What is a backpackers ? coming from Europe, it can be hard ti figure out what it is really as we don t have bacpackers there. , However, some other countries near us have already get to the concept. Some people might know it as hostel, motel or auberge de jeunesse, you have different names and différent kind as well .

In this article, i will talk about two of those in Nelson, that i will recommend so far,because most of the others in town were too expensive (so i don t really know about them, just the price of the room was already a stop for me) . Anyway let's start .

ABELS'BACKPACKERS: is a Central city Backpackers in trafalgar street  about 3-5 minutes walk to the bus station,restaurant,supermarket,bank and museum . they have if i don t got that wrong  14 -18 rooms available . so as you might know or not, rooms are set up differently :

- you have the 1bed in a room  which is pretty expensive but you have  your intimacy if you travel alone, you have the 2 beds , the 3 beds , the 4 beds and that can go to 8-10 beds for abel ,but some backpackers can go to more . the sheet , the blanket and pillow are clean.

abel's make in your disposition a Free  Wi-Fi  in every room,  about the speed i guess like everywhere depends of how many people are connected in the same time.  you get as well a free breakfast every morning between 8-9 oclock in the morning. nothing fancy but you can t complain when is free right?

Abel's have  3-4 showers and toilets enough clean according to me, even i had one of the shower  and toilet that i prefered  to use  because that was the cleanest  for me. It is the one on the first floor. ;)

they have as well A large fully equipped kitchen for your convenience and i have to say you really have everything that you can need in the kitchen and  it is cleaned every morning.

staff are the best part of that, they are very willing to help you, anytime for any enquieries ,and trust me that is just appreciable in a new country.

abel's is not a 5 stars hotel but you get everything in place for an affordable price . the only bad part that i can rebember it s that my sister got bite by bed bugs but unfortunately most of the backpackers deal with that issue . However, the way the staff managed the situation was just full of kindness and professionalism. you can make great friendship with people due to all sharing equipment and facilities , and i have to say i love that  getting tips from the other , advices , etc 

WAKATU BACKPACKERS: is as well located in the city of nelson in collingwood street about 5-10 minutes walk to the bus station, restaurants, supermaket, bank and museum. For me wakatu looks more like an old hotel transformed to a backpackers. they have about 18-20 rooms available, as the previous one, you have different set up of rooms  , wakatu have less beds in each rooms, as far as i  can think i saw  a maximum of 3-4 bed in a room , that definetly get to another level.  each room has is own shower and toilet  that is life because waking up at night often, having your toilet in the same room is such a luxury moment , all the rooms are very tidy and clean . as i said before it is more like a no star hotel than a backpacker,even you still have to share some facilities such as tv room, balcony etc. as we know good things sometimes come with bad things in wakutu you don't have a kitchen, so you can't do your own meals and eating outside every day become very fast a huge budget, and eating cold food especially when you come from europe it is just a hell , but on top of that the price of rooms are pretty high as well, i guess having that comfort cost you some how.

the lady who run  that backapker is amazing such a diamond  she is full of kindness ,you will get along with her.

These are the two backpakers i tried in the city of Nelson so far. I don't say they are the best because i don't know all of them, but i definetly recommand them. As far as i can remember i have not seen a "real" hotel in the city. So if you come to Nelson the easy way to get a roof over your head is either backpackers or RBNB. 

Anyway if you have a good deal to share with us concerning Nelson or New Zealand, please feel free to write a comment down there. 

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