Today we tried my sister,my mummy and i , the cod & lobster brasserie between Trafalgar st and selwyn place in nelson city  . The lovely lady who came to us was just very professional and nice , As soon as we start looking to the menu deciding if we will stay ,she came to us asking if we needed any help ,We love her approach  . 


 Finally We chosed a table outside , the weather was just perfect for a lunch  that day.  since we had already read the menu, it made our order faster , we wait approximately 10-15 min  just as quick as that . yes I can see you coming  with your negative thoughts : the food was cooked well and everything were fresh ;trust me now that I have had a very bad experience with food poisonning , I can tell if something is going wrong with food , but today it just felt all  right.


  Everytime I have taken a little portion ,my mouth just explode . I had  "the ricotta gnocchi " ,  the plate was tasty, I don t especially like vegetables but that was perfect, even I couldn't finish it , my mum was more than happy to finish it  for me.


my sisters had " ōra king salmon" she said that her salmon was fresh , color full, very tasty and the wasabi give the little spice the all plate was harmonious 

and my mum had "the seafood risotto" she  said that her plate was  very soft and tasty very enjoyable the sauce just goes perfect we everything


I put you the menu below so you can check it .  for desert we had the chocolat pot  to share , "god bless them" that little kind of mousse taste so good and every flavour separately can be found.


The price can be unfortunatelly a bit high for some people, but I think for that quality of seafood you have to choose between your health and your pocket . To summarise everything i will say my mum's meal was far away the best one according to me


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