i just arrived in new zealand 5 days ago ,coming from france, near geneva in switzerland. i chosed  nelson to settle down, i felt in  love with that little town and i feel like home as well . People are amazingly smiling and kind , you feel welcome .ok  i see you coming , i know i haven't been here long enough to pass the first impression , and to see what the town has to offer , but so far so good.


despite the fact that i am happy , i had this experience that i have to share with you ,as i like to call that " the black cloud on my head" . i went to a thai restaurant in nelson city  call "GOLDEN BELL" With my mother and sister . The place was lovely clean, the staff were very welcoming and like most of people in Nelson very smily . we love the place from the front door to the inside , amazing decoration very spacious and cozy in the same time .  the menu  such a vaste varieties  of dishes , it just felt like paradise and on top of that I had my favourite drink in the world bubble tea so good.  This drink is so hard to find in my country ,so I was very excited about that and i wasn't disappointed  and of course what you all want to know the price affordable for all wallet , Everything just felt alright.


We got our food pretty fast  even if my sister had to wait for her bubble tea; the misunderstanding was fix very fast . I took fried rice with prawns , my sister had fried rice with beef and my mum had fried rice with chicken . pictures below



The rice was cooked perfectly, but I found my prawns uncooked just like it had been just put on top of the rice, so the feeling of the fried rice and that uncooked prawns was weird especially because the taste was like something was wrong. However I just thought "girl you are getting crazy about that food" ,so I just ate it ,but couldn’t finished.  We decided to take it away .


In the evening I started to feel weird, but we had a party to go. I told my family about the way I was feeling and they agreed with me, that even their meat were kind of limit too . That worried me but we had a latina party so no time to get sick . The next days I was crazy sick; everything just came out in  the same time , fever , diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting it was such a mess in my body I thought I was dying .


I have been in medication since then because my body haven t recover after that crazy experience. Not a good way to start in a new country but i am a positive mind . To make this story short I don t have any anger about that,   because I travelled enough to know that it can happen even to the best restaurants. At the end of the day i just want to remember that beautiful moment I spent there with my family.


people  from anywhere in the world, please make yourself a favor :  if you eat a food and you feel like something is wrong "STOP" and tell someone in the restaurant how you feel . usually they are  willing to fix it . Don t do like me coz the consequence can be terrible.  I m lucky I start to feel alright , but who knows how this situation can have ended . my last word will be for restaurants : Please  guys even you haven’t use your product because of any reason you are going through,  make sure all the products you are sending out  are still fresh because that is your job .


xoxo Fabiola

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    Manuela Clierxter (mercredi, 20 mars 2019 15:01)

    Ooh noooo sweetie,
    I hope you are fine now.
    Be brave ����